Myself off

Bonjour tout le monde.
Est-ce que : myself off est une expression. J’ai chercher un peu partout, mais je n’ai pas trouvé de réponse. Si quelqu’un en a une j’en serais ravi.
La phrase de laquelle est tirée cette expression est : Then I dry myself off.

Is it okay if I answer in English (since the question is about English)?

This is what we call a phrasal verb. You’re focusing on the wrong combination of words, actually, so it’s not “myself off” but, rather, “dry [myself] off.”

We use phrasal verbs all the time in English: look up, take out, turn on, shut down, help out, etc. The great thing about phrasal verbs is that you can combine them with nouns or pronouns: look up a word, take money out, turn the computer on, shut the engine down, help me out, etc.

So, in your example, the phrasal verb is “to dry off” and it’s combined with the pronoun “myself” to give you the phrase “dry myself off.”

Hope this helps.

Hello astomoore.
Thank you for your answer.
I learn English.
I do not speak English yet.
To answer you, I make use of a translator.
I a little included/understood what you wrote to me. I make Internet search and I find a little an answer to my question.