myImports suddenly stopped showing all of my imports

I’ve imported 10 articles.
Up until yesterday, they all showed up under ‘my imports’
Now only one shows up: UofM all Beginning dialogs

The other 9 don’t show up under ‘my imports’; they show up under ‘home’
If I want to edit these imports, I think I need for them to show up under ‘my imports’
Is that correct?
Any idea how to fix this problem?

I figured out why it is doing that. This problem is my error.
On the ‘my imports’ screen there are two radio buttons labeled ‘lessons’ and ‘courses’
So, apparently one import is attached to a course and the other 9 are attached to a lesson
I had inadvertently selected the ‘course’ radio button, which is why only on import showed up.
If I click on the ‘lessons’ radio button, then the other 9 imports show up

Hi jnom81,
That’s right, if “courses” are selected, only courses will appear on the page, not a lessons which are imported separately.

Is there any way to dis-associate that lesson from a course?

I edited the import and then selected the ‘delete course’ button.
I deleted the course but it did NOT delete the lesson.
After I did that the lesson now appears under ‘lessons’ in the MyImports area

So, ‘delete course’ does NOT delete the lesson