My whole Bio is gone

My whole bio has been erased, with all the information about me and the links I had put to my courses on Lingq. That’s probably why I was not showing on the tutoring page either (again, and maybe I’m still not showing, I don’t even check anymore). I’m not really surprised since there’s often something missing or not working. So I’ve written a very short bio.
I checked my profile 2 weeks ago I think and everything was ok.
Do these things just happen to me ??? I like helping on Lingq but I’d like at least people to be able to see who I am and to contact with me if they want !


Hi Katy,
I checked tutors list in all languages you are set as tutor and you do show up properly for all languages. What makes you think that you don’t show up there?
As mentioned before, you can’t see yourself on the list (other users also can’t see themselves), but other users can see you listed and can book a conversation.

When it comes to your bio, that is strange and I’ll check with our team why that happened.

Thank you for your answer Zoran. I’ve noticed in the past that when I don’t see myself between the tutors, people can’t find me either. Students have confirmed it. I do see myself when everything is ok.

Hi Zoran, I hope you are having a nice summer. Sorry to bother you again, new problem here. For several weeks now I’ve not been able to edit my bio. I mean, I can edit it but it doesn’t save the changes. It saves the changes on availability, languages, prices though… but not the bio.

Hi Zoran

As in my recent post ’ Issues editing Profile?’ tried again today but still experience the similar issues/effects as Katy. In my case, I could paste several sentences of info but it ALL immediately disappears after tab/page change and nothing there on return to same Profile/Bio tab. I tried direct typing a short sentence, which then did stay ok, but then I could not edit that to add a second or further sentence! Any additional text disappeared as before leaving single short sentence.
Really confusing symptoms, but it has been like this for couple of weeks. So pending any further feedback from LingQ suport, I have given up for now and just left it blank - maybe v5.0 will help.

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@Katy @Frank Sorry to hear that. Where do you copy-paste text from when changes aren’t saved? If it saves properly when simple typing text (which I also confirmed works properly), maybe there’s some kind of issue with text coding or formatting.

I’m just typing new sentences and erasing the parts I don’t want any more. I’ve tried several times for the past weeks and it never saves the changes.

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Hi Zoran
Ditto … Exactly same as Katy’s comments above …
I have simply been trying to edit profile/bio by removing/adding a part of existing text. I am not trying to do anything different to what I have done many times over the past year, just making occassional small editorial changes, but unfortunately not having any success there so far these past few weeks.
In regard to your question re text coding/formatting, I had pre-written bio in standard regular text file (.txt), but pasting did not get saved, again this was something I had successfully done before. in the past
Thanks again in anticipation of a solution,
Best regards, Frank

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I just add a +1 to this as I had tried too in the last weeks and nothing was saved so I temporary gave up.


Thanks everyone. I’ll report to our team. Just another quick question, which browser are you on and does it work if you try on other browser?

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I use chrome on my laptop and on my phone.

Hi Zoran
As per original posting (Issues editing Profile?), “Tried this several times over past week (just in case a temp issue) with Chrome and Edge on pc”.
Thanks for looking into this … :slight_smile:
Br, Frank

I’ve just tried with Safari.

@Katy @Frank if you are still unable to edit profile bio, please shoot me an email to support(at)
We will need some additional details to check your accounts. Thanks.