My Wall


Since some days , I didn’t link me on my Wall . I don’t know why . Someone can I help me ? Thank you very much !


Try to click your small avatar at the top rigt side of each page close to the Academy and Forum links.
It looks the old behavior was changes some days ago.

Thanks, Ress!

We updated this on the site, as we found most other sites use the logo to link back to the main page rather than the profile page. While existing LingQ users (including us) were used to this, it was confusing for new users. We decided to follow the standard approach here, so now you can instead access your profile by clicking your username at the top right.

Ok , it’s run . I clicked on my name and I obtained my Wall . Thank you very much .

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

If I click my username, I will only see the submenu, which begins with “logout” and ends with “Translate LingQ.” My profile page doesn’t appear without clicking the username again. This is happening on my iPad.

What is strange is that clicking on somebody’s picture on their profile just takes you to the page you are already on.

Yes, on the iPad the interface is slightly different. On the website, when you hover over your username the dropdown menu appears. As the iPad has no hover, the first tap will open the dropdown menu, then the second tap will take you to your profile.

It’s been this way for a long time :slight_smile:

Instead it should probably not be linked to anything on the profile page. We’re going to be doing some updates here in the next while, so we’ll include this one in as we make other tweaks :slight_smile: