My Video on How I Use LingQ to Learn Languages

Hi everyone! A fair amount of my friends expressed interest in how I go about learning languages so I made a Youtube video for them explaining how I use LingQ to do so. I covered my background on learning languages, how I use LingQ to learn French (my secondary language) and mentioned that I am going to be making a separate video for how I learn Arabic (my primary language). I know that all of you know how LingQ works already but I would appreciate any support and feedback! Also, I wanted to share this with you all because of how much I adore this website. Learning Arabic in school was so painful for me and LingQ has made language learning fun again. A big thanks to the LingQ team and all of the content creators for everything that you do!

- YouTube


Nicely done. A bit long on the personal background. I had to fast-forward to the 6 minute mark to see how you use the site (which is the title of the video).

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll put a timestamp in there for people who want to skip that part. A lot of my friends have no idea what LingQ is so I needed to spend some time explaining it.

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