My ultimate 50 year (age) goal

I have a new and very attainable goal. I’m 41. When I turn 50, I want to speak 4 foreign languages, fluently. My goal is to learn to speak and understand 1 new language every 2 years in the following order: Russian, French, Spanish, and Chinese.

My son (15 yrs old) is taking Spanish in school. After that he wants to learn French, then lastly Japanese. I got him hooked on lingq too.

Learning Spanish and French will be easier for me because I have a close friend who speaks native Spanish, and I have 4 years of high school French under my belt. Also, my son and I can study together.

I’m super excited and motivated to make this dream come true. So, for the next 9 years I will keep lingq updated on my progress.

Wish me luck!!


Wow! Good luck to you. We will be looking forward to your reports!

Good luck Zyre!
What a wonderful father and and son project.
Get my fingers crossed for you.

Good luck:) If You’ll need any help with Russian, just let me know:)

Amazing…good luck and don’t give up!

Good luck! Enjoy the journey, and where ever you end up you are sure to learn a lot and open many doors into new and exciting worlds!

Tout mes voeux de réussite !

Ooops, I just realize that you’ll be able to read this phrase when you reach your 44 !

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