My tiny political linguistic view

Trump is fluent in English, but not professional like obama. You can notice this from every inaugural address of them
And he is stuck to some words like : huge, what’s going on ?, I know how to do this but I will not tell you how, you are rude, hell, catastrophe, I love china, I hate china, wall, huge wall…etc

All native speakers are stuck on a restricted amount of words. You can easily notice it if you read several novels by the same author. Even though writers at least theoretically have higher than average fluency in a language, one can find a lot of expressions that they keep repeating over and over again in their works.
In terms of speech it’s even more evident. Just take a look at the ratio of active/passive words in any language. Everyone has some favourite words and phrases. I don’t see Obama to be an exception here.

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Your point has just sprouted a question in my mind - what is the average lexicon of a business man compared with a legal professional? Or then again it may have nothing to do with their past careers… interesting though…

Trump loves his hyperboles. Its ultimately a matter of style here, not ability.

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He does love hyperbole

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This I mean :-
Fluent = Trump : Fluent speakers are able to get their points across with a general smoothness, and can navigate expression of unknown or unfamiliar words or topics through circumlocution.

Proficient = obama : Proficient speakers are able to speak across a variety of registers. In a lower register, the proficient speaker is comfortable using the slang or jargon of the times. In a higher register, the proficient speaker can communicate with an elegance and style typically reserved for well-educated native speakers. Proficient speakers are also able to “play” with meaning, imbuing their speech with tone and intent solely based upon word choice, body language, and intonation.

That’s definitely not the difference. Both are proficient. It has to do with the level of education. Obama was a professor of Constitutional Law at U of Chicago from what I can remember. Obviously you’d expect someone like him to use a different lexicon that a 70 year old loud businessman.

It’s very important to remember that Trump rarely uses teleprompter so even you and I could sound just as literate as President Obama if we read out loud every single one of our speeches/jokes.

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or “grab them by the pu**y.”

I think this is actually a yuge view, yuger than China, and yuger than my wall, but not as annoying as China manipulating currency and people from the border bringing crime and drugs. Your rude view is wrong and a catastrophe.

; )

Just kidding, you’re absolutely right.

I like this