My suggestions: LingQ 2.0 beta

While I’m replying “Recording word lists” post. It reminds me one thing: I once listened a item, an old news letter or an episode of EnglishLingQ Podcast, I quote " your writing submission will be corrected, and recorded by an native-speaker." That was a very good function, but not available now.(right?) So I have a couple of suggestions.

This forum is a great place to give us more chance to read, write, but how do we make sure the contact is correct? For members who are leaning English, this post is not a great input. We might probably learn wrong usage, structure of the language, and did not aware.

So I have a brilliant solution. HA!

I have a dream… (I took a lot of items about Dr. king recently. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Project name: LingQ 2.0 beta

1)Could I have pay some points and click a button when I saw my writing report?

  1. This suggestion are about “buttons” too. On the Forum page, put a “Post before being corrected” button just beside the “Post reply” button. Once you got your writing report, finished the final amendments, you can post your message simply by click “Post to forum” on the Write page.

You go to the forum, and it there! What’s best? There is a little icon after the post time, representing this post has been corrected, even though it is not from a native-speaker. (please refer to no.3)

Meanwhile, if you paid for your writing recorded, all the member can take that “item” now!

  1. Design “Language Icons”

A icon will show beneath the numbers you have posted(I mean on the grey area). For example: if you are learning French and reading a post which you felt weird about some part, then you saw the icon and know the writer’s native language is French. Members can judge the accuracy of post more sure with the two icons.

  1. Click “Take this post” to learn while browsing on every thread. Post with sound files will also can be found in “Forum discussion” section on Library. (I assume each post on Library will not too short.)

  2. a new Flashcard with sound. Like this ( ) but I’d like it has a option you can turn on/off. I guess it’s really a lot of spending(both the bandwidth and money)?? But, it’s reasonable to members to “pay” for this function. I often close my eyes and click the “back” on my Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English software to help me remember the “sound” of vocabulary rather then just “see” on flashcard. It’s nice.

  3. The last one is too idealistic, but “if only…”, you know people will never be satisfied, things will never be real perfect. This one is really complex, idealistic.

Native speaker can upload short voice-post WITH transcript if they want.
Again, I assume you won’t record only " that’s a great idea." or 1500 words essay. That means members can not only create items on Import page, but also here when they saw an interesting post and they want to record a short point of views.

This also solved the problems of someone who like to create items but don’t know what to say!

Let’s discuss it and make this place better! Once again, grammar of this post is absolutely wrong. If you are leaning English, don’t even try to read the second time. :stuck_out_tongue:
I just split it out with enthusiasm. I actually has these ideas a month ago.
I really feel exciting about these ideas will come true. Hope you guys feel so. ^^


I appreciate your enthusiasm but I am not sure I understand it all. Please see the following, and note that my numbers do not correspond to your numbers.

  1. Tutors recoding of corrected writing is on our list, but will come after reorganization of library and a few other things.

  2. You would like to make it easier to have Forum posts corrected before posting, or to have corrected writing posted. Some kind of Button can make this easier.

A good idea!! We are thinking along these lines as we proceed to integrate the learning activities and the community activities. This is good input! We will do something but I cannot say when. We will discuss his further when the time comes.

  1. Items from Forum should be easily importable, with sound when we have sound, and also easily shared if the person who wrote the writing submission approves it.

We are thinking along those lines.

  1. You want an indicator as to whether a post on the Forum is by a native speaker.

A present you can click on the posters name and usually see his or her native language. Yo should get used to the usual posters and know their native language. I am not sure this a big need but I am open.

  1. Sound on the Flash Cards.

Yes we want to do this and will look at it when we have time.

  1. The idea that Forum posts can easily be recorded and shared is a good one. We also plan to make the LingQ widget accessible from the Forum and other areas.

There is lots to do…we really welcome all input. We are anxious to “crowdsource” ideas on how to make the site better.

Please rest assured that we are going to continue to improve the site as long as we are operating. We cannot respond as quickly as users propose new ideas or find old problems to fix. So please be patient.

Our first task now is to create a system that is easily understood and appreciated so that many many more people join and participate in all of the activities of LingQ. With a solid base of users, there is no limit to the improvements we can make.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and ideas.

You seems understand my post well. My first suggestion missed some words when I reorganized the post. It means user can choose whether they want their writing be recorded or not by paying some points on writing report page.

I could totally understand that you have a lot of work to do. Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.

Even though I’m used to the present system here on LingQ, I have always wanted to illustrate what I thought would be a speedier way to review already-made linq’s while reading a passage. Thanks to jing software i’ve just made a little presentation (2 x 5 minute jing’s) illustrating perhaps how a future version of LingQ may work.

here they are:

Part 1: (5 minutes long)

Part 2: (5 minutes long)

I am also awaiting anxiously when I can upload content in other languages! :slight_smile:

Hy Roy, its nice to prepare illustrations. I didn’t know that is possible with jiing. Your sound is a little cracking and perhaps are you able to increase the volume? It’s a little low.

I hadn’t really played around with the settings in jing, I just installed it, grabbed my headset and recorded those 2 segments. I didn’t really say anything important anyway, everything could be worked out via the visuals in any case.

I didn’t realise at the time, but if I reached to adjust the mic it would make a cracking sound that is quite loud and abrupt compared to the speech. Aah well :slight_smile:


Your videos were very interesting thank you. I am appalled at how slow LingQ works for you. My already LingQed words appear almost instantly, and the new words that I look up take 3 seconds or so, a little longer if there is no dictionary definition.

Of course we want to have a cached dictionary. As more learners create LingQs thse users hints, any hint that has been selected more than once will automatically slot in the Hint slot.

W are going to work on speeding up and streamlining the LingQing. Your ideas are very helpful.

What is the experience of others. How long does it take for the dictionary to open, and how long does it take for previously saved LingQs to open?

As we more forward we want people to LingQ. To me it is the key milestone, and the key goal that measures our engagement with the language. How big an obstacle to LingQing is the inconvenience or time delay of the present method of LingQing.

With regard to having the meaning hover over the word, we have to be careful to be sure that it only appears when you click, and not automatically since that can also be a distraction to reading. I welcome all ideas and suggestions.

Thanks for the videos Roy. We agree it would be nice to have this popup feature and to improve the speed of LingQing (linking) in general. This is on our list. The LingQs do appear to open particularly slowly for you in Australia. At least, compared to the speed in North America. Is the speed at which Roy’s LingQs open, representative of the speed in Asia or Europe, as well?

I meant to say “as we move forward we want people to LingQ more”.

I see other members have difficulties with slowness too.
It is different and not each day the same but sometimes I close LingQ because it is too slow. I counted already till 8-10 seconds in the LingQing area.