My submission for correction disappeared

I submitted my composition for correction last night has disappeared. Please recover it.

@jimmytanaka - It looks like your writing has already been corrected. Please go to Exchange > My Requests to see your request along with any comments or responses.

That’s the previous one. The same thing took place three weeks ago. I think I need to keep the original at my hand.

@jimmytanaka - Is this the correct post? Login - LingQ (This won’t show to other members as it was posted as Private). It would also be helpful if you took a screenshot of the My Requests page and sent it to support (at) so we can make sure this is working properly.

Thank you very much for your kind follow-up. This is not the one. I was talking about the next one. I pasted my composition, edit and spell checked it and tried to post it. I received a notification that I ran out of point and bought 1,000 points and posted it. That’s what I did, at least what I remember. At this moment, the composition is gone, and I will start from scratch, which is a good exercise and I do not have a major complaint. I wrote this, because this took place twice; first time three weeks ago.

@jimmytanaka - Ah, I see what you mean. If you select “Post to Exchange” from the Tasks dropdown at the top then you can save your correction as a draft by clicking the Save button at the bottom left. This ensures you don’t lose anything you’ve typed into the text field.

Usually I write the text in Word or another editor before I submit it. That prevents me from such problems. I use the spell checker too which is much better than the one on LingQ.

Thank you, alex and Verai for your kind suggestions.