My strategy re: the 90 Day challenge

I entered both the German and French 90 Day Challenges with the following thoughts in mind.

Overall goal - Obtain the ability to Read books in German and French ( being the Languages that primarily make up English)
At some point be able to understand regular speech patterns and someday speak if interested (not interested now)

  1. Reach Advanced Level two in German. I was a couple of thousands words from Advanced one and I was able to read through most written materiel.

  2. Reach Advanced one in French from slow start. Secondary focus to German

Method at beginning,
in German I am using the book “The Swarm” as I have it in both German and English . I am going through the German book right now and adding known words to my total. Once I have completed that task I am going to start reading the book as a book chapter by Chapter first in German and then in English to test myself for understanding.

After the 90 day challenge is complete I am going to take a break from German and just read for interest.

I will then turn my focus to French and try to obtain Advanced two there.

I will dabble in dutch as well.

In the French Challenge I am using the book “Les Rois Maudits” to mainly ADD cognates to my total. I am finding it amazing how many cognates there are. I am not really trying to understand more than the single words and once I have completed the blue word conversion I will start to read for understanding.

I really enjoyed the Lingq Method and this will be the main way I learn languages in the future. Gaining vocabulary is key I believe.


This is interesting! Perhaps you could also paste the link to your thread in the comment section on our French 90 day Challenge page: 90-Day French Challenge

I am thinking of doing something similar for my other Polish challenge.