My stats just dropped

Today I think I read around 2000 words, and listened for about 45-50 minutes, but now both those stats are negative. It says -0.6 hours listened and something similar on words read. My lingqs created, lingqs learned and known words remain the same, however.

Same here. Every time I use the desktop option, the number of times read/listened is a lot lower than what it really is (my mobile app is the true value).

Whenever I click on Times Listened/Read, my stats decrease.

Same :frowning:

Apparently this only happens when I use the “Slow Chinese” course.

Hi everyone,
I’ll check what could be wrong here and will let you know as soon as I have more informations. Thanks for your patience.

Hi Dimethylamine,
I think that Axelander above is referring to his stats in Progress Snapshot, but are you saying that Times Listened/Read for specific lessons is wrong?

Hi Axelaner,
Are you using website or mobile app? So every time when you are listening “Slow Chinese” course your listening time goes backward?

I’m referring to stats as well. But the times read/listened was wrong for me as well. I don’t think these two problems are related anyways, but basically my stats in my Progress Snapshot are negative.

I’m using the website. Yes, every time I use that course my listening and reading go backwards. This seems to be the only course that does that, though.