My Spanish-from-Scratch-90-Day-Challenge-log/diary of death that kills

I´m not a big fan of “public language learning” but I think my challenge might be interesting to other learners because…

  • I´m using the 90 day challenge to start a new language
  • I don´t speak any Spanish at all. Except for “Yo soy un hombre sincero…dadadada blabla”
  • I´m already “kind of fluent” in French

I don´t really have a “goal” by the way. I just want to find out whether or not I like Spanish (90 days should be enough to do so) and see how easy and/or confusing it is to learn a similar language and yeah.


Day 1 (1 hour)

  • Facebook/Youtube/Skype/cell phone changed to Spanish
  • worked through some lessons
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LOL, love it!! I swear the only Spanish I know is sí , señor & señora - from watching Sesame Street with my kids!!

90 days, eh? Even 30 days might be enough to tell :)~ I will be “barracking” for you!! [I won’t say “rooting” because that’s reserved for my husband - hahaha!] You changed your mobile phone etc to Spanish… that’s a bold move:)

Good luck with everything!

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Pues , espero que realice su logro tan pronto como posible.
Seguro que es facil para usted porque ha aprendido francés a satisficatorio nivel.
¡Que vaya bien! ¡Buena suerte!

Facebook is easier to navigate in Spanish (after a day) than Japanese (after a year)…^^


Muchas gracias :slight_smile:

Day 2 (3 hours)

  1. Found some decent “Spanish” music

I´d be glad to hear your recommendations btw :slight_smile:

  1. Worked through some of the “Absolute Beginner” lessons.

  2. Translated “Crimen Sollicitationis” by Ska-P.

  3. Tried to learn the Spanish Rs. Seems like “R” is similar to the “Japanese R”. I tried to learn the RR but I ended up whistling for half an hour. At least I´ve learned some English words like “alveolar ridge”.

  4. “spanish indie rock radio” playing in the background while I´m doing other stuff

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There are some excellent indiepop bands in Spain: Sundae, Bella Vista, La Buena Vida, Le Mans, When Nalda Became Punk, Linda Guilala, Sr. Chinarro, La Casa Azul, Vacaciones…

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Thank you! I´ll make sure to check them out :slight_smile:

Hey Paul, my 90-Day-Chinese Challenge DID kill me!

Try not to burn yourself out like I did:) is a good resource to check out for bands.

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Good luck with your Spanish challenge, Paul! I’m finishing my last English challenge and I think I will fulfill the goals. I agree with Julie that it’s important to avoid getting burned out. It’s better to stick to the activities that we really enjoy. BTW I also changed to English all my Internet and multimedia devices. In general I tried to create a “semi-immersion” in the language. Eventually, it will pay off. It’s interesting to know how much we can achieve with the “LingQ 90 day challenge” format beginning a language from scratch. Let us know when you finish.

Manu Chao is not a Spanish singer technically, his parents were but and he speaks it and he is rather good but you may not like him mixing so many genres. He grew up in France and you might check out his French stuff as well ! :slight_smile:

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Day 3 (2 hours)

  1. Listened to new bands (La buena vida, mercrominar, Sr. Chinarro, Le Mans, Deluxe, Standstill, niÑos mutantes…)

  2. Watched the first part of a Fallout 3 “let´s play”, wrote down some i+1** sentences on my notepad** and translated unknown vocab into French****.

*a “let´s play” is a youtube video where you watch someone else play a video game. Let´s plays are awesome because you get professional voice acting, subtitles in your target language, an interesting story and spontaneous (= natural) comments by the person who´s playing the game and whatnot and you don´t have to pay for anything.

** an “i+1 sentence” is basically a…uhm… sentence that you almost understand.

*** I´m using an actual notepad…you know…where you write stuff on dead trees with a pen…yeah…that kind of notepad…

**** I´m translating into French because I don´t want to neglect my French and I want to find out if learning Spanish through French is more confusing than learning Japanese through English.


Paul’s fluent in English and French, so he knows how to go about learning a language.

You burned yourself out, but why do think that Paul is in danger of burning himself out?

It didn’t burn her our, it killed her. At least she is a ghost and can fly now. That solves the problem of falling upwards that people in her part of the world have to deal with.

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Because he called it his “diary of death that kills”::: & because he might have perfectionist tendencies like myself ^^ …who knows :slight_smile:

Paul, you’re super hardcore.^^ Good luck. Obviously I’m supporting the hell out of you. Let’s go to Spain sometime. :smiley:

I was inspired by French slang…

“…de la mort qui tue” means “of death that kills”. I guess you could also Interpret that as “of deadly death”…anyway…

When placed behind a noun, “de la mort qui tue” basically turns into a 5-word-adjective that means awesome/extreme.