My sitiuation when I studied in the institute

Hi there , super is here :slight_smile: Like Steve :).

I would say many thanks to Steve and AJ.Hog. They change me how to learn and love English language.I spend a lot of time with the language. Now, my listing is improve more than before. It’s wonderful.
Let me say something bad habit when I was study in institute English language. I was motivated and shard with teacher about some topic and suddenly I said "Why you come to this institute? " and he was laugh and laugh and laugh. all student look at me strange when I said “Why you?”. and teacher said this is wrong question.should be say “Why are you”!!!. from that moment I hated grammar books, teacher method and many things. I was discourage and efficient in that institute. Why they are laughing at me? I listen many time some people say “why you”…in videos, audiobooks, books …etc.

Also, after course finish the teacher give some advice like. “Your grammar is bad… should be improve your grammar and take the grammar course for 4 weeks” :frowning:

From that moment I realized, they think a lot of grammar rule not about how to speak very well to understand what people say and how to communicate with them.

By the way…I listen to seven secret to learn language from Steve and AJ.hog. It was amazing secrets. Nowadays…I still improve and improve more than when I studied in institute. Now I can carry on email correspondence with people in English in my work. Understand what they want to me and I can respond immediately.

Many Thanks

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Teachers, books, videos, audiobooks, grammar books, etc.—all of these could help you to improve your English, depending on your personal tastes.

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