My service is breaking down again

I’m supposed to get 75 words to do in my daily review. Today I had maybe 20.
Zoran, is this caused by my repeatedly going over my old LingQ lists or is something else wrong? Remember, please, that we thought we’d finally found a solution to the problem by my whitelisting LingQ. Since I haven’t changed the whitelist label, what could the problem be now?

I see you haven’t created any LingQs in the last week. If you are reviewing repeatedly and not creating any LingQs, your daily LingQs will definitely decrease. If you like learning vocabulary this way, then by all means continue but, in general, we don’t recommend using LingQ this way. You are better off creating lots of LingQs, 30, 50 , 100 a day and just reviewing these LingQs when you see them in other contexts. You will see the words that matter often enough and seeing them in different contexts will help you truly learn them. Doing the review activities until you feel you have nailed down your LingQs is lower efficiency and usually means you don’t learn the meanings as well nor retain them meanings as well. The review activities are good to do as well but very much as a secondary activity. And you should feel no pressure to have to review all LingQs.