My Russian lessons in YouTube (Мои русские уроки на Ютубе)

Thanks one of our members, I found that someone had downloaded some of my Russian lessons to YouTube.
I doun’t need any money for it, I have enough money for my modest life.
However, I believe that according to the copyright the provider should have received my permit for it before downloading or at least to note that these lessons were written and recorded by Evgueny Bokhanovsky for the site
It was not very polite to do it without my permission.
By the way, I had this idea to give my lessons through YouTube, but I’m bery unskilled in everything what is connected with the Internet. And I’m already quite old to learn it.
That’s why I postponed this idea for better time if it comes.

But anyway, if you would like, you can have a look at my Russian lessons for beginners now also in YouTube:
Eng Russi - YouTube

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Evgueny - it is conceivable that the channel owner (the person who downloaded your lessons) plans to make money out of your work by allowing advertising on his channel. This would make the theft even worse, in my view. You can complain to YouTube and have the lessons taken down, and I believe you can have a black mark put against the channel (and thus against its owner). Posting on LingQ and further distributing the YouTube link is not going to solve the problem, not least because this LingQ post of yours will not be visible on YouTube, hence it will not make anyone using the YouTube version aware of the real copyright owner. As I understand it, YouTube receive many complaints about copyright theft and do take action against it.

Evgueny - here (at the end of this message) is the YouTube complaint form. I have never used it myself, but I think that as you begin to complete it, more fields appear, until the form is complete. I don’t know whether you can complain about several videos on one form - I have not had time to work it out. I am sorry, but I am going out for the rest of the day now, but I can try to help further either later tomorrow or over the weekend.

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Можно подумать, человек много заработает… А так кому-то пригодится. Тем более, сам Евгений такие видео не планировал делать, а автор канала всё-таки потратил время на создание видеоряда.

I wouldn’t allow someone to use my work without making it clear where it came from and I would also be careful allowing him to make money on it. It’s possible to make money on youtube. Just give him time to get 50.000 subscribers and he will start to run ads on his videos. You should take protorich’s advice and have it removed. This person is stealing your work. Maybe LingQ can help. I don’t know.

I agree. I would like to see Evgeny put together his own channel, actually. If you can upload things to Lingq, you can upload to Youtube no problem.

Also you don’t control your lessons on youtube. He can edit your material and make you look bad and he can also mix it with any type of material that you may not want your material associated with.

LingQ is a better learning platform than youtube because you have the whole transcript easily accessible at any time and don’t have to search in a video, you don’t have all the visual distractions, you have vocabulary management facilities, and you have a forum where you can ask for help if you need it. Also you have much more material. I never learned much from any of the youtube channels and the only one I really enjoy is Anastasia Semina’s.

Well, yeah. LingQ is a language learning system and YouTube is a video streaming service. Youtube is a great platform to attract learners, however, as can be seen from Steve’s example. There isn’t enough intermediate level Russian learning material out there, and Evgeny’s work is great because it fills that void. Honestly, anywhere he puts it, I think his materials would get viewership. Maybe even in book form. At the major language bookstores here in Saint Petersburg I have trouble finding any Russian as a foreign language materials above the lower-intermediate level.

How dare they benefit from your incredible work without even asking? They are even advertising on the videos already and earning money. I would put in a complaint to YouTube.

Let the oerson make lots of money then sue him afterwards xd