My question remain without answers

I don’t know why, but I posted 2 questions on the “ask your tutor” forum 3 days ago and they remain without answers.
I marked the entire Portuguese “ask your tutor” forum to watch, so I can be aware when there are questions in Portuguese there. Could some of you do the same for the English forum, please?

Hi Ana,

We will get to those questions right away but one thing you should do is choose a new tutor. Your tutor is supposed to answer your questions but your tutor is Julie and she has left us, as you know. If you choose a new tutor it will be clear who is to answer.

Sorry you aren’t getting faster answers, Ana. You often ask about American English idioms that I don’t really know and I don’t like to jump in with my best guess at the answer, so I was letting your tutor answer. I hadn’t realised she was Julie.

No problem, Helen. In fact, I focus more on American English. Also, I know Julie has left behing a number of “orphans”, and other tutors have left the last few weeks, so the English tutors are probably with a lot of extra work right now.
You are right, Mark, I forgot to change my tutor when Julie left. I’ll do this. Thanks.

Anapaula, if you have questions about American Idioms, I may be able to help. I’m not a tutor, but I consider myself to have a fairly large vocabulary and understanding of the English language. I live in America, so I may have the answers your looking for. Just let me know.

Hi, Matt.
usually, I’m not specifically focused on idioms. It’s just that I think American English is wider spread, so I tend to prefer to study materials from USA, although lately I’m trying to vary my sources a little bit more. So, since I use more American material, now and then I have doubts about some expressions that end up being American idioms, because simple words I can find in the dictionary.
Anyway, I thank you for your offer. Steve have been looking for more tutors, why don’t you try to become one? This way, you’re going to have access to the “ask your tutor” forum and will be able to answer some of my questions there!
Look at this thread:

Sometimes I come across things in the tutors section for english that I’d like to contribute but I can’t as I’m not a tutor. aah well… :slight_smile:

Ana, have you tried posted your questions in the Open English Forum? You’d get a wider readership there.

We are planning to open up the Ask a Tutor forum to all members during our next update.

However, we will be relying on members to answer each other. Our tutors will still only answer Plus and Premium members’ questions.

normally I post my questions using the tutor button in the LingQ dialog, that’s why they end up in that forum. I don’t think it would be very practical to put them in more than one forum. Let’s wait for the new update, then.
I chose a new tutor, so I guess things are going to be fine from now on.