My problems with the library

For a long time in libraries I trying to “take” lessons, which are definitely intended for the beginner II. Lack of success. Other lessons that I transferred by a limited useful. Except for reading and listening they are unable to do anything. Apparently -to update LingQ- can no longer be in the library “to take” lessons envisaged for the level to which alone I have not yet “registered”. Previously this was possible.

How to get to those lessons? What is the procedure now? In what sequence or order I follow this lesson?

Hi ToneN !
In the Library, click “Browse Full Library” and you can go to filter page in the library. Try to level filter from all levels to “Beginner 2”, you can find all lessons of Beginner 2 in the library

Hope this helps.

Hi nobuo,
I’m doing exactly as your instructions. So with using filters. The monitor displays the result of my inquiry, which reads as follows:
Library Search
No lessons match your search

“Browse Full Library” and without the use of filters shows me 152 pages of various lessons. If then in ‘‘Search’’ tag Beginner 2 I get 20 lessons. Only two lessons are for 2nd degree Beginner 2. Other lessons are designed for members who are at high levels (Intermediate 1, 2; Advanced 1, 2).
Therefore, I conclude that the program is installed a filter that “unauthorized” prevent access to certain lessons. It may be necessary prior to pay?
To me, it’s no problem. For me, it’s essential to how large I can come to these lessons. Mark or Stive will know how best to respond to my dilemmas.

It’s more simple. I believe that I and you use the same library in LingQ.
Click “Browse Full Library” and use “level Filter”. You can select your level “Beginner 2” from the list. Please don’t type any words in “Serch” colum. I have just tried this, and many lessons(22 pages) of Beginner 2 are shown on the display.

Good luck!

Nobuo Hi!
It still appears on the computer already written: no lessons match your search. Therefore I can not get ‘‘many lessons (22 pages) of Beginner 2 are shown on the display’’.

I give you another specialty. When I open a lesson that is not planned for my level to me on -screen before the transfer is complete- the following appears:
‘‘Do you want to stop the implementation of the script? Because the scripts on this page Exsporer Internet operates more slowly. If the script will continue to be implemented, the computer may no longer respond’’.

It is obvious that there is a barrier to computer. Here am I “naked and barefoot” (marksman). The question therefore is: on which side of this being set? Or the transmitter (LingQ) or on the receiving side (my computer)?

Is this the reason for my above problems?

hi Tone,

The library actually shows you lessons at your target level. So, if you are looking for Beginner2 lessons, you should change your level to Beginner1. That is how the levels work for your targets as well. You tell us your level and we assign targets to reach the next level.

Regarding the error you are seeing in Internet explorer, we are working on that issue still. In the meantime, this error does not happen using Firefox.

Hi Mark,
thank you for your clarification. This is what I only suspected me, you definitely explained. I’ll try again with the change in my lavel.
My problem is that I’m in Beginner 1 already handles all of the words: ‘‘after a long and across’’. For these problems now I can not achieve the daily target (goals) in Known Words, LingQ’s Created and LingQ’s Learned.
Today I have just “sucked”. From the “Browse Full Library” I took lessons, which are intended Beginner 2. Currently I can do all quite normal: no problems. I hope they I do not praiseing "the day before the evening’'.
Mark, once again: thanks for your clarification.