My problem your problem

I hate looking for a long list of threats here, I dont know which one I have read, which one not yet. I really want what I have read should be changed in COLOUR so that we can work more efficiently. I think that I dont fly so high in the sky.

@anejame - Sorry for the delayed response. I have added this to our list of future enhancements. In the meantime, you can subscribe to a forum using the “Watch Forum” box at the top. This will then email you whenever a new post is made in that specific forum.

@ Alex - changing the subject a bit, I noticed that when I load up the iOS app, as it starts, it stops any audio that is playing on the device. I know it should do this when audio starts playing, but I don’t it is meant to do this upon starting the app.

Colin, we all know what happens when threads are hijacked here… be careful. Someone might delete their account

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - I’m not sure exactly what decides this, but I think any app that can take over the audio player does this automatically. Note that the same happens when opening the YouTube app even when a video isn’t playing.

Ok. I just tried it with the YouTube app, and it does it for me too, but Spotify, Skype, Podcasts, and a few others that have sound do not.

…this is of course not a problem, just an observation.

@ColinPhilipJohnstone - Good observation. I’m not sure we’ll do anything here but it’s interesting to note that different apps handle this different ways.

I am so happy with your responding. thanks a lot