My podcast interview on All things Iceland about LingQ and languages

I just did a 2 hour podcast chat (link at the bottom) with the charming and lovable Jewells Chambers who is an African-American immigrant in Iceland about getting Icelandic into LingQ, my own language journey, perspectives on learning Icelandic as an immigrant, attitudes towards languages, how I have used languages as a guide and stand up comedian and more.

How do you like my impression of Steve at around 48 minutes?


Just to make sure I do not cause any misunderstandings with this interview: No one at LingQ has ever said anything to me about possibly selling it and I find it very, very unlikely they ever would. It is just a potential reason I bring up for why promising to make Icelandic free forever and ever might be a bit too much to ask.

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Sounds like it was a fun opportunity for you. I will watch it this weekend!

Honestly still amazes me how much you did to get icelandic on lingq. I may have only dabbled in it, but still super kind of you. Can’t wait to learn more about icelandic


Thank you. The funny thing is how it kept snowballing. At first I just wanted to do the 60 mini-stories and get Icelandic in and that was it. Then I felt the library looked so small. I really wanted Icelandic to become free but felt it would be for nothing if the library would be tiny so I just kept being driven to do more.