My own and first content (Portuguese)

Hello, guys!

I saw that some people were claiming that the Portuguese content is not much big as it should be, so I decided to create my own content and share with you.
It’s about the history of Brazil and was wrote for myself last year when I was studying for history exams. The history starts talking a little bit about Portugal and its origin and, after that, Brazil is the main matter (its history begins in 1500). So, I didn’t copy nothing from books or sites, I made it in my own words. For I having made this in order to study, it is like a summary, therefore don’t expect nothing much detailed.

I hope some feedback, and if you like I will continue. Suggestions are welcomed!

The links:
Login - LingQ
Login - LingQ

These are great. I hope to see more.Thank you.

But is not my speech much fast? I can redo if someone don’t understand. However I tried to speak as we do here, so it may be useful…

*remake =p

Although I am not learning Portuguese (yet?), congratulations on providing your first content.

The speed is just fine, and matches the level of the content. If you make simpler beginner content then you should perhaps record it more slowly, but these are fine.

By the way, reikjav, when did you add them. They do not appear in New in the Portuguese library. Alex, any ideas why?

Not sure, Steve. Looks like another bug that needs our attention.

Now it us appearing, bug fixed. :slight_smile:

New lesson added: Login - LingQ

Ah, forgot to say…in this one I’ve spoken clearer and slower. In my opinion is better.

Thanks for the content :slight_smile:

nobody interested, but I made a new lesson ahaha