My oral comprehension workflow

As a native Spanish speaker, I find Italian and Portuguese quite easy to understand in every aspect. French, on the other hand, is not hard from the grammar point of view, but it gives me a lot of trouble with the oral comprehension and expression, as there are lots of nuances that the other Romance languages don’t have. After 3 weeks doing an immersion course in Montpellier I can understand much more, but it’s still hard.

I will share my workflow (I’ve put it in practice for one week so far) in case it is useful for someone else.

  1. I copy a text or tell ChatGPT to write something, make 10 questions about it and then give the answers.
  2. I paste the article to lingQ and generate audio. It is always better to find an article with human audio, rather than AI generated.
  3. I regenerate the lesson and paste the 10 questions at the beginning of the article, then at the end, and add the 10 answers as well.
  4. I listen the audio once without reading the article, then read only the questions, listen the audio a second time and try to answer.
  5. I listen the audio a third time, now reading and using lingQ in the usual way. Then read the answers and see how close I was.