My one year anniversary at LingQ

I joined LingQ in August 2007 and became a paid member. I enjoy exploring the English library, listening to the content especially EnglishLingQ podcasts. I also enjoyed Speaking lessons with tutors via skype. However, I didn’t read a lot of texts. I didn’t create and review LingQs. I’ve never tried importing my text to LingQ system. Yes, I was a listening-speaking-only-just-for-fun type English learner.

In late June 2009, I tried to import some texts and audio from VOA. I was articles about American history. I didn’t know much about American history, so I was fun to read and listen to. And I realized I could share these imported content to the library.

I was fun to find the icons of my shared content in the library. I enjoyed reading and listening to most of my imported and shared content, because these are my imported content.

I didn’t care about my progress snapshot on my profile page. Before late June 2009, I didn’t count listening hours and words numbers of reading. After I started importing and sharing, every time I read and listened to them, I click the counting icon and focused my progress snapshot.

This week is my one-year-anniversary of my new English learning at LingQ.

Since late 2009, I imported and shared 850 lessons, created 11380 Lings, read over 2,370,000 words and listened to English content for 385 hours! Wow! My progress snapshot are showing it.

I’ve been enjoyed English learning, but I’ve never focused my learning vocabularies, I’ve never read such a lot of English texts. I enjoy my learning at LingQ and I enjoy to see my progress snapshot every day. This progress snapshot, LingQ system and LingQ community give me a lot of motivation to learn English.

I’m not sure my English vocabularies, reading and listening skill is improving. If I keep this learning at LingQ this year and next year, I’m sure my English vocabularies, reading and listening skill will improve. My brain is getting old, though.

Thank you, LingQ!

Congratulations on the anniversary of the new-English-learning you! It is wonderful to see what LingQ can help us achieve (although the brain may be getting older, nothing is lost as long as the mind stays young).

Congratulation! I am very impressed
I am very glad for you! :slight_smile:

Thank you, SanneT and jolanda!

Nobuo, I greatly appreciate your positive and constructive and generous participation at LingQ. It is the growth of a community of people like you and others, in different countries around the world, that makes the whole LingQ project worthwhile. Thanks for all your support.


Thank you, Steve and vinbelgium! It is a great honor to have such a compliment from Steve.

Just wanted to say congrats. to you. I lived in the Shiga prefecture over 10 years ago. I learned a little Japanese but it’s gone now.

Thank you, catville.
You lived in Shiga! How nice. I had offered homestay program at my home through the net over 10 years ago in Shiga. When I started my new business, I quit to accept any guests from foreign countries. It was fun.

What is the new business? And why do you accept only Japanese?

Congrats, Nobuo san! I’m happy for you.

Sorry I asked my above question so rudely. It is really early in the morning here. I guess I take it for granted that LingQ is so great that I forget to acknowledge it. Congratulations Nobuo and thanks LingQ!

Thank you, Ed and Hitomi!

t’s OK, Ed. I quit to accept guests not only from other counties, but also from Japan. I started to run a small PC school about 11 years ago. I have no time to attend my guests.

That’s great Nobuo.

Congratulations Nobuo! Not only have you already improved but you will continue to do so!

Thank you, Mark!
The benefits to use LingQ site are counting hours of listening, counting words of reading and keeping a record of them.
You can use my initial message for the LingQ promotion.

Thanks, Nobuo!