My new unique digital books too mandarin students

My name is orna taub.
My main occupation is to provide valuable and significant
Learning material to the worldwide mandarin students based on my
Long time learning and experience.
I invite you to visit my blog:

Here is a free Youtube intro to Mandarin I found on Reddit. I have only been through the first video but it seems well paced and to the point. It is getting good feedback generally as well.


orna, 你要打扰这个讨论区几遍了?两三次不够了吗?

doo, 这是学英文还是学中文的?

I am very impressed, iaing

dooo, sorry, but that’s the third time he’s spammed here. I wouldn’t mind if his materials were any good…

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Other than it being about an intro to Mandarin, I do not think my honest recommendation has anything to do with orentaub11.

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