My new single is out!

Just wanted to share this with the LingQ community. After a month of composing, recording, and mixing, my new single, “Thirty-Three,” is finally out.

You can buy it on Amazon and a few other online stores. Soon, it should appear in the iTunes Store (usually, takes a while).

Check it out here:

and tell all your friends and relatives.


I ve wached the one on youtube from the link on your profile. I liked it, it was very beautiful… I ll check this one too once i get rid of this dump slow connection…

Your single will be my first commercial download. I wish you many, many more. Congratulations! (But how will you sign my copy?)

hello everybody

What a disappointment the people at Amazon USA are to me; they won’t let me download your single because it’s only available to people in the US.

Oh, try this link then:

It’s the UK version of Amazon.

It worked. It’s wonderful.

Thank you. I can’t sign your copy, so will blowing a kiss in your general direction suffice? It may get a little dusty by the time it reaches you, what with all the volcano ash in the air.

Congrats. Is it on iTunes as well?

Never mind. I 've just seen you said it will

Congratulations on your new single!
I installed Amazon MP3 Downloader on my Mac-mini computer, but I found that I am not allowed to download your Jazz music living here in Japan. I hope we will be able to listen to your music soon in Japan.


I’m sorry, but looks like you’re going to have to wait for it to appear on iTunes. It just takes them a little longer than most other stores to approve newly submitted content. I’ll let you (and others) know when it hits iTMS.

Wow, you got me right on the nose! I hope all your other intrepid fans won’t have to wait for too long for the iTunes Store to stock it. Why ‘33’?

Why “33”? I don’t know. It’s up to you to attach a meaning to it. At some point, one of the working titles was “Problems of Mobility of the Nobility in the Middle Ages,” but I thought it was really pushing it.

I rarely give names to my songs as I work on them. Depending on the setup, I just number them: Thought #21, Thought #22, etc. This one happened to be Thought #33, so I just named it “33.” If I make some sketches using a loop machine, I then name them Loop 45, Loop 46, and so on. I have about a hundred of these.

When I feel they can develop into something more complete, I promote them to “Thoughts.” Then, when they sound like something that I can call a song (usually somewhere mid-production), I give them “legitimate” names. For example, Thought #12 became “Snails Hight on Carrion” and Thought #20 became “Am I Lysdexic?” With “Thought #33” I just couldn’t come up with anything and just truncated it to “33.”

I don’t believe in “thoughtful” titles for instrumentals. Names like “Deepness,” “Eternal Wanderings,” and “Spirits Within” sound cheesy and pretentious to me.


I guess it’s not the " l’age du Christ" idea then.

Yutaka-san, can you listen to astamoore on Youtube?

It’s interesting to read about how composers think about their work by the way.

I have listened to Astamoore on Youtube, thank you.
At another site called “vimeo,” there was a page titled “Magic Finger-Stretching Exercise for the Bass.”
How large and flexible his fingers are!

Okay, “Thirty-Three” just hit the iTunes Store. Here’s the link:

I am still enjoying listening to your music hope you get many visitors and buyers in the iTunes Store.