My new Arabic lesson

hello every body in our beautiful site :slight_smile:

i want to tell you that i had finished my third lesson , and because my lessons are free , i call you to take a sight and learn beautiful Arabic from me if you want .

my blog is here



Just a quick question: is there a link to the audio on the site? How do we get the audio?

thanks dooo

yes , there is an audio file to this lesson and other to the past lesson to , they are gatherd in rar file .

حملوه من هنا

this mean download it from here

by click on the word here ( هنا ) you will get the rar file

or you can get it very easy from here

i am so happy to teach Arabic to you .

see you again

Dear Moheb,
there is a capability to publish podcasts using blogger. Please check the following link How to Make a Podcast Feed from Blogger
It will be more convenient than downloading rar-file and extracting the content.
The easier the process of getting information is, the more listeners you have :wink:

Clickable link: How to Make a Podcast Feed from Blogger


thank you sakura , i will see it , now .

i am grateful to you