My name is . .

My name is . . .

This article says that starting one’s introduction with this expression is not so common now. What do you think of this statement?

I have not read the article (yet), but I agree. ‘my name is’ has been changing to “I am…”, but you can still hear it said, most often when a whole group of people are introducing themselves. Someone is bound to say “… and my name is …”

Hi Yutaka!

Here is my question and other’s answers on Yahoo Answers. My friend asked me this question, then in place of him I posted it about a year ago.

Hello Yutaka, I only ran the article through Google translate and the translation is probably not so accurate but what I could gather from the translation is that you should use I am Tanaka, Ken. I think that there are some problems with this. I understand that in Japanese you use the last name first and the first name (given name) second. In English we of course reverse this. But I think if you use either I am or My name is, is just fine. I teach English conversation and we use both of these in the Oxford University Press Books that I teach from. However, one point most native speakers will use the contracted form. I’m Jim or My name’s Jim. I hope this helps. Take care and have a nice day.

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  1. I am Ken.
  2. I am Ken Tanaka.
  3. I am Tanaka Ken.
  4. My name is Ken.
  5. My name is Ken Tanaka.
  6. My name is Tanaka Ken.
  7. I am (or My name is) TANAKA Ken.
  8. I am (or My name is) Tanaka, Ken.
  9. I’m . . .
  10. My name’s . . .

The seventh and the eighth ones can only be used in writing. Incidentally, my name is John Doe.

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