My membership level is not changed

I clicked on the button “confirmation” but my level cannot be changed. What happens?
This month, I payed too much, so I would like to change my level.


It is urgent. I would like to know what happens. I think there is not enough money on my account.


I clicked on “Downgrade my account” on the following page but it does not work."

Hi Shigeharu,

We’ll look into this but, in the future, if you have billing issues, please just email The forum is meant for issues that others would like to follow. I will email you separately to follow up.

Is it late to change my membership level?
Now I was very busy with my work. Sorry I could not e-mail you.

Pour instant, je ne peux pas utiliser LingQ autant de fois. C’est pour cela que je voudrais changer mon membersship…

I am very sorry for not having you e-mailed. I did not know that there was an e-mail for billing issue. I have just e-mailed you.

Je suis vraiment désolé de ne pas avoir pu vous envoyer un e-mail. Je ne savais pas qu’il y avait un adresse d’email pour des problèmes de technique. Mais je suis sûr que ça ne fonctionne pas en ce moment pour changer mon level.

I am very sorry for having mistakes.
L’ordre de mots n’est pas correcte.

I am very sorry for not having e-mailed you. I did not know that there was an e-mail for billing issue. I have just e-mailed you.


Mark has written you an email about this. He needs to know what level you want to be downgraded to.

Right now he has no email contact. He is away with his family at a lake. ( Today is Canada’s National Day holiday).

Please tell me here or by email to what level you wish to be downgraded to.

We have had a problem on t he system with some Japanese members being unable to change their membership level. It has to do with Japanese script and our encryption or something like this. This bug has been fixed and will be included in the next upgrade to the system along with a number of fixes and improvements. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you very much for your answer, Mr. Kauffemann.

I forgot to tell you. Fortunately, I could downgrade my acccount. Thank you very much for your advice, Mr. Kauffemann.

why they don’t talk with me. hixxx