My Listening Hours is way higher than it should be

I just checked my profile to see that my Listening Hours for the day is 17.19, which is definitely not correct since I haven’t even been awake for that many hours. Is there some way to correct this?


I don’t know if you can do it easily, but you can go to all your lessons and modify them from there. Go to the statistics of each lesson and reduce your listening time of each lesson until you feel that is the correct time.

just tried that and now I have negative listening hours for the week

Not sure how to correct your issue but something I’ve noticed with Lingq is that when I disconnect from Bluetooth in my car the audio continues, and if I have the volume on my phone down low I’ll forget it completely until I’m sitting in a quiet room wondering why I can hear somebody speaking Italian.
Maybe something like this could account for your hours being too high

Any chance you are sleep-lingqing?

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You can modify the Listening Hours value directly, from your profile page. Just click the plus icon next to the value you would like to update and you will get small popup. The popup works by adding or subtracting the value you input from your current value. You press + to add the time and - to subtract it.

Sorry to hear that. We will investigate what happened.