My LingQs panel

I really appreciate My LingQs panel, which displays all of the words which are in the text I’m reading at the moment and which are not learnt by me yet. Using it helps me to revise new words in one place and it proves useful. I have one suggestion, however: could it be possible to add there an “Add a new LingQ” button? It happens to me very, very often that I encounter a new word in the text, but either it contains a spelling mistake (and I can’t correct it) or, when it comes to German, is split by another words in the middle (like trennbare Verben in German, for example in the sentence there is “Ich stehe früh auf” and I would like to create a LingQ “aufstehen” for “get up”)…

I know that as well I can leave the lesson, click on “Vocabulary” section, look for “Add a term” button, create a new LingQ and then go back to the lesson and find the place I’ve finished LingQing at, but it would be way easier to create them at this handy “My LingQs” panel just by one click. Wouldn’t it be a good idea?

Thanks for the great suggestion. Perhaps we can take a look at something like this in the near future.