My LingQ payment

I have a problem with subscription on lingQ. because I used 2 itunes account with the same credit card and subscribed on the same account LingQ, so I was charged on june 26, 2018 throught Appstore, and i’ve just canceled 2 subcription on appstore and only subscribed on website lingQ …can someone check my acount and give me a answer!

I suppose you should send an email message to someone whom it may concern.
Don’t share your private information, such as your credit card number and email address, with anyone whose identity is dubious.

thank you, I would never share my private information…I just want to know who can help me solve this problem? or whom I should send an email to?

@daoquang6888 I checked your account and looks like you are subscribed to LingQ Premium both through iTunes and website. Are you sure that you have canceled iTunes subscription? If not,here’s how you can do that: If you want to cancel a subscription from Apple - Apple Support
Please check and let me know if you have canceled it. Since you were on double subscription during last month, I will add free Premium month on your account so that you don’t lose any of your paid months.

I canceled my subscription through iTunes and now I only subscribed on website…actually I subscribed lingq 3 times. One through lingq website, one through Chinese lingq app and the last one through LingQ app by another iTunes account for the same account daoquang6888. The problem is solved. Thank you!