My level

How do people judge their level in a lanuange…a1 a2 b1 ect…because i have been learning for a year and know about 2000 words in french read and understand most things…BUT still cant string 5 words together and for understanding whats going on is hard too…so what level am i???a1 still or b1 reading…its so confusing…

I don’t know neighter, because

Hi Gary
Perhaps this can help you:
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Hi thanks for the info…but i still find this confusing as my level differ’s to what i know…i.e my writing is a B1 my reading i would say was a B2 but speaking and understanding is A1 so what would you say my level was A1 A2 B1…???..

Well, I think what you said corresponds to your level, people can have different levels depending on the skill; it’s normally easier to read than to write or speak.