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I am still a beginner in Russian. I enjoy regularly browsing Lingq’s library to find miscellaneous content that interests me. Because my Russian is not very good, I have to open up a lesson and have a quick skim read of it to decide whether I want to study it. Simply previewing (prehearing?) the audio is unhelpful. So I tend to open up and browse through numerous lessons from numerous courses before I find one that I’d like to study.

How do I separate the lessons I want to study in Lingq from the lessons I don’t?

Currently there are a dozen or so lessons that I am in the process of studying or want to study next. Many of these lessons I study part way through and come back to after a few days or weeks.

Unfortunately, I have great difficulty finding them again because in the meantime these items have been swamped by every other lesson or course I’ve previewed which has automatically been added to the My Lessons page. I am constantly removing them.

Will Lingq iOS app allow me to:
(a) bookmark selected library lessons or save them in a separate folder similar to imported content?
(b) restrict the My Lessons page to selected lessons or courses (as opposed to automatically adding them after opening)?

I’m sure the solution is obvious, but it has escaped me.


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I hope someone from can answer your questions.
But as a language teacher and the main provoder of the Russian lessons here in lingq, I would like to recommend you not to fly from one Russian lesson to another looking for the more interesting one. It could make sense only on the Intermediate or advanced level.
Russian is a very grammar language, and on the beginner level I’d better go through all lessons in the course, otherwise you won’t be able to understand the main structures and the most popular vocabulary of Russian.
I try to build my courses for beginners - for example РУССКИЙ С НУЛЯ, ПЕРВЫЕ ШАГИ, НАЧНЁМ- from the easiest lessons to the more difficult ones covering the most important grammar and vocabulary content.
In any case, good luck with Russian!

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