My lessons page

i’m just wondering whether there’s a way to change the settings to have the ‘my lessons’ page open automatically with the lessons sorted A-Z rather than ‘recently opened’ ? i find that my lessons are otherwise quite muddled and i get lost trying to find what i need. i know that it’s a simple matter of clicking ‘A-Z’, but i thought i’d ask because it would be much more convenient!

as an extension to that, is there any way one could choose which page opens when one logs in? i’d love to have either the ‘my lessons’ page or my profile page open when i open lingq. is there a way this can be changed in settings?


@ondrej - There is no way currently to have the list order remembered on My Lessons. It defaults to the order in which you last viewed the lessons. Likewise, there is no way to choose the page that appears when you log in. However, both of these things are good suggestions. I will add them to our future enhancements list.

A temporary solution would be to just bookmark the page that you’d like to start at. If you want to start on the My Lessons page, for instance, just go to that page and add it to your bookmarks bar (or replace your current bookmark for LingQ if you have one).

thanks guys!