'My Lessons' not opening

Is anybody else finding that the ‘My Lessons’ link is not working? Yesterday and today I have had to open a lesson some other way, such as going into the course and finding the lesson there.

For me French worked, but it was quite slow.

German didn’t work. In German I have a lot of lessons (more than 2,000 imported lessons).

English didn’t work too.

I got “Error 524 Ray ID: 201a92774b4f047f • 2015-07-06 10:21:15 UTC
A timeout occurred”

Yes - I got an error time out message as well. Thank you. If it’s a general problem it will be sorted soon I am sure!

Same here. I have no “My Lessons” nor “My Imports”.

Hi everyone,
Just to let you know that “My Lessons” page should load fine from now on.

Thanks - yes, just opened OK.