My learning so far & plans for 2015

Hello there.
I would like to share my learning ‘results’ so far (attached image).
At first I was eager to learn and I would spent every single moment of free time on learning. Unfortunately after a few weeks my enthusiasm cooled a bit. What’s even more sad, I have become quite overwhelmed with my personal life stuff. No time for languages + lack of motivation resulted in decreasing tendency of my improvement.

But fear not! I’ve recently acquired some extremely useful knowledge on self-motivation and I’ve already started implementing that in my life. I am sure I can use that for learning languages, too!
I will be better managing my time and therefore I will have more time for extra activities = languages.

Plans for 2015:

  1. Read at least 5 articles in English every week
  2. Introduce a habit of importing everything I read on the Internet to LingQ and read there.
  3. Introduce (for good) a habit of listening to my Italian lessons on my Android device whenever I take a walk, travel by a train/ bus, etc.
  4. Learn at least 1 Italian lesson (meaning creating LingQs) a day, no matter what.
  5. Succeed in my 90-Day Challenge in Italian.

I wish all of us a lot of motivation and achieving our goals in 2015!



Happy New Year and Good luck, Greg! But maybe you can add to your plan - writing some lessons to our Polish library, especially for the levels beginner and low intermediate.

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Sure, no problem. But first I’d need to know how to do it hehe.

I’ve imported a few private lessons in Russian from the news. I saw the option to switch between private and public but haven’t needed it yet.

Before I record any English lessons I need a better microphone.

Hi Angie. Good on you for your active learning! I am sure you realize that to share a lesson, or make it public, you need to make sure that it is free of copyright, or obtain permission from the publisher.

And I am sure that our English learners will look forward to your lessons. Make sure to talk them up here on the Forum to attract attention to them.

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I can make some lessons in Polish, just let me know what content you would like to receive. I can write something on my own and record audio as well, so it would be free of copyright. I simply need to know what you would be interested in, let me know :slight_smile:

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Thanks. If it isn’t my own writing, I’ll make sure to stick with a source like LibriVox. I got in some practice via LibriVox after I saw this thread today.

Новым Годом! and szczęśliwego Nowego Roku! I hope the best to both of my friends, and everyone else.


I know you’ll do well this year Ozzy, because of your dedicated language routine :slight_smile: Good on ya. I took a leaf out of your book, too.

There are a lot of audiobooks in Polish here, but they are too difficult for learners.
There are some lessons for A1, but there are no (or few) lessons for A2, B1- just something from the everyday topics in Polish and your experience in education and different details of polish life.

I will give it a try :slight_smile:

Awesome plans and goals. I do enjoy how one of your goals is to listen to your Italian while on runs. I would even offer to improve this to speak along and try Arguelles shadowing method. Here are some titles to search for on youtube if you’re interested. “Shadowing a foreign language (Chinese)”, “Shadowing Step by Step”, and “Shadowing Discussed”. Personally I haven’t really tried his shadowing/parroting method. However I have gotten to the point where I can kind of sing a long to some of the songs I’ve been studying in German.
Cheers, Best wishes in your future endeavors, and I hope that you will be auspicious ^^

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Great plan! Best of luck!