My Korean challenge

Back in September I said I would study Korean and see how far I got by Christmas. But I did very little because I was traveling in Europe and other reasons. I have started up again.

I am on the LingQ Beginner texts, LingQing on the computer, then listening and reading on my iPad and then just listening on my iPod. I will stay with these texts for a few weeks, listening and reading over and over. Once I am comfortable I will move on.

I will let you know how I make out.

I saw from your profile that you were lingqing like crazy.

Good luck! I’m sure you’ll surpass me in a shorter amount of time =p. Which would be very motivating amongst other things…
Looking forward to see your progress.

Here is another student trying to learn Korean—but not very successful so far.
Being a Japanese, I’ve noticed a lot of words are similar in meaning/pronuncing.
However, European languages are more familiar to me since I’ve always liked and exposed
to the European films, music etc. hmm I think I’d better look for interesting Korean dramas on Youtube to keep me motivated.