"My Imports" not working

I can’t find any of my recent imports in the “my imports” section. The most “recently added” imports are ones from months ago. Help would be appreciated.

Mine arent either! Ive tried to add HSK5 content, but it never shows up under my courses, nor lessons.

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Sorry to hear that. Are you on website or app version when you experience that issue? Seems fine on my end.

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It’s the web version. Using chrome on mac.
Will try to clear the cache and see if that helps

Please also try to logout/login back to your account. That should fix the problem.

Ok, I cleared the cache/cookies and logged back in to no avail.
One thing I notice now is that the “my lessons” tab on the front page is working fine.
It’s the “my imports” section under “classic” that’s not functioning.