My german level

I set my german level to intermediate two initially and when I took the lessons I found that they were too hard, so then I changed to intermediate one and now when I go into the library to look for lessons they are all at the intermediate two level still, I have to change my level to beginner one in order to get lessons that of the intermediate one standard, can somebody tell me how to fix this?

You get always lessons for the NEXT level. If you want to get lessons for Intermediate 1 you have to set your level to Beginner 2. The intention is to show you the lessons that brings you to the next level.

What I use is the “Browse the whole library” function (top left corner). Then I can use the different filters.

You need not worry too hard about learning from lessons that are too hard. What I do is take all the lessons that appeal to me. Sometimes I find that one makes no sense whatsoever, but I read it and listen to it anyway. Somehow the ears have a way of straining some sense out of a lot of unfamiliar new words.

When I open each I aim to create a certain number of new lingQs (let’s say 100). If you find that a lesson has 500 new words, you could create 100 lingQs of, say, the shortest 100 unknown words, learn those words and then archive the lesson.

Later you can come back to that lesson and unarchive it. You will find that it won’t be quite so hard so hard to listen to this time. When you have listen you can read it and bag another 100 lingQs.

The day will come when you listen to that really hard lesson and understand it all.