My first hour with Lingq

I have had my first hour on Lingq and I think I am using it correctly?

I was highlighting the sentences then trying to figure out bit by bit in my head what the word means and how it is used within the sentence, more frequent words that I saw I put down as known and all the other words that I do not know I have put in yellow and I guess if I keep doing this for a number of hours everyday those yellow words will become white words and this is how I would improve my level of Spanish

What are your thoughts how exactly do you use lingq?

one thing I will say is that it would be nice if the page you was on had a separate audio clip that you could just loop while you read the text.

Look forward to your responses!

I would spend a lot of time on “Who Is She” or something. Go through it word by word, compare each line to the translation, and listen to the recording many many times trying to recognize the words (or at least the lines) and what they meant. But don’t try to master every single thing in a LingQ lesson before moving to the next. (It probably won’t work and it will slow you down and bore you.)

I read through self-instruction courses or grammars for a change of pace, and to see if I recognize any of their content from what I’ve encountered on LingQ.

Just my two cents.

I am unsure if the new ‘mini stories’ are available for Spanish yet (i’m sure they are as Spanish is very popular) but they truly are great for beginning a language as they repeat the vocabulary you will need from several points of view allowing you to see the grammatical changes etc. As well as the benefit of being exposed to the vocabulary several times they also aren’t mind numbingly boring making them quite effective to begin with. If you have trouble finding them (as they are new and wont have many roses) they are classed under ‘beginner 2’. They are great for supplementing your current more beginner lessons.
Good luck with your Spanish!

Update. Here are the Mini-stories Spanish lessons: Login - LingQ

In a way, everyone needs to find the way that works for them. I don’t think you need to highlight all the sentences. You can just click on the words and then select groups of words (phrases) to see what chunks of the sentence mean. The 2 and 3 word chunks would ideally be phrases that are likely to reappear and which will help your fluency. Some beginner lessons do have full translations, look for the Translation icon in the top right of the text area. I create LingQs for all the words I don’t know, and over time as these reappear and I understand them better, I move them to known. Either way, if you move a word to known and find that you forget it later, you can always click on it to make it a LingQ again.

Regarding having the audio for each page, that isn’t possible I’m afraid since we have different page sizes. We are looking at adding an ability to play the actual audio one sentence at a time that would work with the new Sentence page size. This would be available for select beginner lessons if the provider spends the time to split the audio. This is a future enhancement.

What Mark said is how I do it, and I suppose most people do too. Again, as I said in another thread, I still think it might be “too early” if there is such a thing to be using LingQ. I would still be sticking with the learner content and with the “how to learn Spanish” stage of Assimil, teach yourself, whatever, But again, to each his own.

thanks for your reply, yeah the split audio would be a great idea I am having to keep finding where I am within the audio to then having to track where I am within the translation,

How do you use the audio when you are using lingq?

What I have started doing is just reading the whole page and try to get the best understanding I can clicking on the words I don’t know and phrases I don’t know either then listening to the audio a few times while reading the text, then moving on.

I must admit that I don’t listen that much when I am looking at the text. I find reading while listening quite helpful in the early stages but not as helpful later on. I do most of my listening using the Playlist on the mobile app. I add my lessons to the playlist and then whenever I am going somewhere or working out I play my playlist. But, again, everyone has their own way that works for them.

In terms of finding your spot in the audio, hopefully now with the fix to saving the audio position while doing the integrated review between pages, you will have that issue less often.

oh brilliant I look forward to using this feature I really hope lingq is gonna enable me to learn a lot of languages through listening and reading still in the stages of trying to find out what works for me but its a very slow grind as I am sure you are aware