My experience with lingq

I just wanted to give you my feedback on my experience with lingq and ask how I may have gone wrong or approach a different way.
I began with high hopes but straight away,found the front page confusing as to where to start?
I watched the video and then began in the start here lessons.However,I son got bogged down in repetitive sentences about some guy coking in a restaurant.It was dull and uninspiring and I didn’t seem to make any progress on my daily goals or coin’s.
I was bombarded with messages as to meet my daily goals but I ,of course was falling behind all the time.I felt useless and it took me straight back to being at school.
I wish my experience could have been different but please could you try and make your website more inspiring and engaging,thanks.

It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with how LingQ works. There are plenty of videos about this on YT and elsewhere.
And it always depends on what kind of access you expect. There are plenty of guided courses in other apps. Some have colorful figures jumping across the screen. I never got any further with that. LingQ is the only app so far that allows me to put together my own content. And that gets me further and is fun.
But perhaps you would prefer a different approach to learning. So take a look at the concept.


You don’t say what language you were trying to learn and what your level is. Those basic lessons are great if you are just getting started with a language. Then that kind of repetition is very good to have.

If you know the language already a little bit, set the filter accordingly and try to find a text / video that interests you. I have a preference for songs, because it’s easy to listen to them over and over. On the other hand, the lyrics may not have the most useful phrases. Those beginner lessons do give you some phrases that are useful.



Assuming that you started from zero, it’s just a consequance of not knowing anything in the language. The start is hard no matter how you do it. In spanish I went through the early material as fast as I could. Several hours a day it took couple weeks to get to a point were I could understand something a bit more inspiring. Even if the early materials are boring, I found it interesting and inspiring that I could understand a language that just a short time ago I couldn’t understand much. In my opinion, you can start with a bit harder material too, but then you would need to do it more intensively instead of extensively to get the meaning.

However you use lingq, you need some kinda of a plan or an idea how you approach it. I started fast and little forced myself through the early material to get over the early hump. If you can’t do as much, then you need to realize it might take month or two to get into more inspiring material. If you just have a plan to do X amount in a day you will get there eventually.


I hated that too. However, I eventually learned that you can turn those off in Profile / Settings / App Settings / Reader / “Streak and milestones popups” checkbox.

Also look at the other Reader Settings to see if they are to your liking. You might want to turn off “Paging moves to known”.

I looked at one video on using LingQ and didn’t find it helpful either.

I didn’t have much interest in the Mini-Stories, though some people swear by them.

However LingQ does have much excellent content at different levels of difficulty.

It’s also not hard to import your own text to create your own lessons. I’ve been reading Harry Potter and Hemingway in addition to LingQ lessons that look interesting.

I stick to Sentence View and work my way through the text, reading, listening, and sometimes speaking.

That’s all. I don’t bother with any other LingQ features.

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As an experienced foreign language student I would be totally willing to jump into reading material straight away even as a beginner but if you’re not experienced I can see how this would not be enjoyable. You’d probably like DuoLingo more (I can’t stand it). If you didn’t like the beginner content LingQ stories you could try reading something else though. I don’t know if I would like the LingQ stories either. They seem targeted at true beginners but I wasn’t a true beginner in any language I’ve used LingQ for. I’ve only read a few of them before getting too bored to continue also. I don’t feel like I’m back in school with them though because there’s no test or anything telling me I’m wrong (unlike DuoLingo).

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