My exciting keyboard shortcut discovery!

Hi, I’ve been using LingQ for AGES and I love it, more and more.
It’s been improving.

I’ve been trying to use the keyboard shortcuts more, and every now and then I look them all up to see if there are some more I could be using.

I have just discovered “a”

Haha! It’s the best one of all!!!

Why did it take me so long?

I think that the shortcuts should be more visible.
There seems to be a lot of empty space (when I’m using LingQ on my desktop screen) and some kind of constant reminder of the shortcuts would be a great idea - maybe just floating about on the screen…

For anyone who hasn’t found it yet (and I guess I can’t be the only one) if you are in “sentence” mode and you press “a” the audio plays ONLY that sentence and then stops. If you press it again, it does it again. MARVELLOUS!

I so wish I’d known about this earlier. It’s such a help.



Yes, the shortcuts are absolutely essential. It is unfortunate that LingQ doesn’t display a keymap or similar. But Zoran has previously posted a list of all available shortcuts here:

sweet. thanks for the recommendation.

You can see a full list of shortcuts by going to the menu (. . .) → Quick Start Guide within a lesson

In sentence mode
a plays one audio
s plays text to speech or the other way around if bothe options are available.
Hardware that does macros can help move on t the next sentence and play audio and translate.

I’d like a sentence mode shortcut or better yet, a global setting that it only play in sentence mode @Zoran please.