My English for your French

Bonjour à tous! I am looking for a new language partner to help me with my spoken french. I have been keeping up with my program (if you’ve seen my previous post) and I have decided to jump into speaking French. Now I would say my spoken French is at a beginner-elementary level right now, which is why I want to start now and practice as much as possible. This weekend I am attending a meetup in my city (there’s a french restaurant close to my house, who knew?) and I hope to attend those meetups weekly.

Over the past few years of language learning in university, I realized how keeping with a schedule and studying everyday can really accelerate my progress. Since my spoken french is not so great at the moment, I think having as many skype sessions with other french learners or native speakers weekly would help. So I am looking for multiple language partners who I can exchange my English for their french. I also speak Spanish, if so you can’t communicate too well in English we can always switch to Spanish as a bridging language. After all, I wouldn’t mind practicing my Spanish too!

Leave a comment and let me know if you’re interested!

Merci (: