My deep condolences

Please, accept my deep condolences on the case of this awful terrorist act in Brussels.



(But I fear this wont be the last attack…)

“We must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith against the scourge of terrorism.”–the US President Obama. (abcNEWS)
I agree. This is the only way to make our blue planet safer.

“The US and its allies have likely killed hundreds of civilians in its airstrikes already, so pushing for more force won’t be more effective”
“Killing civilians to vanquish Isis will only make besieged people hate us”–Trevor Timm. (the Guardian)

“A prominent Syrian opposition faction is challenging Russia’s claims that a well-documented air strike it carried out in Syria targeted ISIS positions, claiming instead that the attack targeted civilians unconnected to the terrorist group.”

What is terrorism? Terrorism could be defined by including a description such as “designed to have far-reaching psychological repercussions beyond the immediate victim or target”. Don’t make the fear kill your mind! (The quote is from Wikipedia.)

“Trump, the GOP front-runner who has promised to build a wall to keep Mexican people out of the United States, floated the idea of a national registry for Muslim Americans, and suggested killing the families of terrorists, would seem to share little in common with the legendary anti-war activist who led India’s independence movement against British rule.”

Of course, “the legendary anti-war activist” refers to Mahatma Gandhi, who proposed the doctrine of nonviolent protest to achieve political and social progress.

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My question is, how do you stop such attacks? It’s difficult to pinpoint an enemy when the enemy is an ideology and simply an idea. I was looking back at when a lot of my relatives served (some in the U.S., others else where) and the enemy to fight against was pretty clear. You were fighting another country, another person’s nationalism. It isn’t as ‘cut and dry’ as it used to be.


My condolences and thoughts to our Belgian neighbours. A few months after Paris attacks and a few days after the arrest of one of their perpetrators, our closest neighbour is hit too. The country of comics… :frowning:

My deep condolences to all victims of terrorist attack, including those that are more destructive but somehow do not resonate with the tribal ‘west’.

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I’ve just given a Russian Interview about this awful event.
If you can read Russian, you can use this link to my interview: