My COVID-19 language

I’m keen to know if other people have used the current world health situation as a catalyst to learn a new language. For me, French will be known as my “COVID-19 language“.

I have no idea how I’m going to eventually dial down the study time, whether it will be having learnt every single word in the language…(hahaha) or whether it will be when a vaccine gets released. Or maybe I’ll just get lazy one day, who knows.


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The pandemic definitely helped my language learning. I have no “COVID-19 language”, I just had more time to continue learning Spanish, started previously.


I owe my success to Covid-19 it is like a blessing in disguise for me. I went full throttle at learning German in the last 10 months. Whatever progress I have made so far in terms of listening and reading, in part, I also give credit to Lingq for having some systematic language studies done. It is just a beginning as I see language learning is a long road.

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Yes. like yourself; French has been mine too.

I’ve started with Russian at the start of the summer and due to this being a very difficult challenge, I decided to also brush up on my German recently. That is a language I already understand at a basic level. So my thinking was to do an easy language together with a difficult one, to keep me motivated :slight_smile: