My Courses - removing courses

How do I remove a course from my My Courses tab. I have a couple I added to see what they were like but found them either too hard, too easy or… just not what I wanted.
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On the main lessons page, look for a lesson in the course. Click the name of the course, which shows up on top of the lesson image. You’ll get a list of all lessons headed by a general course entry, where you can see an “edit course” button. Click it and you’ll be able to delete the whole course from the edit page

@ftornay I think Max63 is referring to courses imported by other members which appeared on My Courses tab after studying, not My Imports. :slight_smile:
@Max63 you can’t remove the course from My Courses tab. But what you can do is to remove all lessons from that course from My Lessons tab and if you remove them all, the course will also disappear from My Courses.

Yes, that is what I am trying to do. Seems like something that should happen with one or two clicks, not going through deleting each lesson individually?

Yes, that would be ideal… but I don’t think the one click option is available… whereas the one click add all option is readily there so if one adds a thousand lesson course there is no other way but to delete each lesson individually.

For now you will need to remove each lesson individually. Note that only lessons you have opened will appear on My Lessons page, not all the lessons from a course.