My Conversation time

Is given in UTC, which I have never heard of. This is the same as Greenwich Mean time, is it? In the UK we are on British Summer Time, which is an hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. Am I right in thinking that 5pm UTC means 6pm British Summer Time? If not I’m going to have one cross Russian to explain myself to, and I don’t think I have the vocabulary for it.

Hi Helen,

You should select your own time zone from the Time Zone list on the Settings page. You can select London. Then you don’t have to worry about doing any conversions. The system will do it for you.

UTC (coordinated universal time) was formerly known as GMT (Greenwich mean time), and 24 hours should be used instead of am/pm (according to some source I saw).

Ah, Europe/London, I see it now. Thanks Mark and Jeff.

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“UTC (coordinated universal time) was formerly known as GMT (Greenwich mean time)”

What was wrong with Greenwich mean time?