My content well is running dry

I’m seeing fewer and fewer new words in imported lessons. This is a good thing as it means I’m making progress. But it’s also getting hard to meet my 250 lingq per day goal(currently in a vacation from school so I’m lingqing in hardcore mode). Like right now I have to read for four hours whereas when I started I’d be done within 2.

Of course it depends on the type of content we’re talking about. Conversations are typically the not very dense compared to non-fiction books or literature. But even literature is becoming too easy so the other day I imported the UN declaration of human rights and the Unicef child rights convention to see if how legal texts would be. I met my reading goal in an hour but they were kinda boring so I’m not motivated to read them.

I’m tempted to just say I’m just done with the language but I know there’s still so much I need to learn. Like when I was listening to a documentary today morning I didn’t pick up on a lot of the things that were being said. And I haven’t met the ultimate goal of 25,000 lingqs I can’t stop now.

Anyone experiencing something like this? How do you guys deal with it?


Hey I am also learning Swedish are there any resources you can recommend to me. Preferable something that has audio and text.

I am not that position, therefore I am not the most qualified person to answer, but assuming that you have gone through novels, non fiction books by various authors (some uses more complex language than others), I’d go for maybe classic literature in translation.

However (a big however), it is important to find a fifth edition, sixth edition, etc. for example some months ago I skimmed through Sherlock Holmes to improve my native language (Swedish, why? profile introduction will explain), it was from Wikibooks so, I think it was an original translation (late 1900-century). So it had very archaic verb tenses (or forms of verb tenses), so when reading classics in translation for improving (unless your C1 or C2) your language it might not be the most suitable option.

Edit: A small side note, I think depending on how much you lingq there will be a certain point where you won’t find more lingqs to keep up with the demand to keep the streak going. But if you really feel very strongly then I guess you need to start lingqing material that is not that interesting.

For my own part, I lingq almost literally anything not because I want to keep my streak going but because for most of my languages I want to be fluent, and at some point I will “have to” learn words that might at one point feel archaic, useless, high brow, etc.


Hey @riquillers , a few thoughts:

  1. Something that might help is to start uploading your own content, since then you have more control over the vocabulary
  2. Fiction tends to have a far richer vocabulary than non-fiction
  3. If you like non-fiction then another option is to keep changing subjects. If you are into history, then try biology, and later switch to whatever else might catch your interest.

Maybe - search for documentaries with subs to import? Or - TED talks? But these are easier… Maybe - popular science journals?