My collection is no longer mine


I’ve been experimenting with my new Polish collections and, all of a sudden, when I deleted one of the lessons from my collection (I needed to do it, because I wanted to replace it with the better version), the whole collection changed status to “provided by customic, shared by LingQ Support” and now I don’t have the access to it…

The collection’s title is “Chcę się nauczyć języka polskiego”. Is there a way for me to get it back? :slight_smile:

The title of the lesson I wanted to delete is “Przedstawiamy się”. “Prognoza pogody” is OK. I deleted the first one from my workdesk too, because maybe that was the reason for the initial problem.

Sorry about that. I’ve now moved the collection back to your account.

The system is set up to automatically move lessons that are/were shared to LingQ Support if they are deleted. The main problem is that our system doesn’t handle deleted lessons very well if they’ve been used by multiple users. However, removing one lesson shouldn’t affect the entire lesson… that appears to be a bug on our end.
We do have plans to change this in the near future, where a deleted lesson will be permanently deleted. This allows members more control over how their content is accessed after it has been removed from the Library.

Thanks for help! I’ll try not to do it again, at least not in the nearest future.

I’m so sorry… However embarrassing that may be, I’ve just lost all my collections again. I was using your newest function of deleting the languages I don’t study and I naively deleted my native tongue, forgetting that it is there that I import lessons for students of Polish. Sorry! Could you move all these collections (there are four of them, I’ve listed them on my profile page) back to my account once again? I feel very silly now…

I’ve now restored these collections. This doesn’t seem to be working properly, as the shared lessons should remain in your account even after deleting the language. We’ll look at getting this fixed.

The same seems to have happened to me. My German collections have vanished - I also deleted German. Like @customic I have listed all the collections shared by me in my profile. Please do your magic! (Sorry to be such an idiot!)

I’ve done the same for you now, SanneT.

For now, if you have shared content in a language you would like to delete, please wait. We’ll let you all know when this has been fixed!

Thank you. (from eager-beaver no. 2)