My Blog About Learning With Bilingual Books

Hey peeps,

Started up a little blog to begin logging my current method of learning Norwegian by mainly reading novels with their translation. I don’t use specially made bilingual books but have made a simple method of comfortably reading a paper book with its translation.

I think this is another method of input learning that some of you might want to try out; my Norwegian is coming along in leaps and bounds since starting this method. I reckon how I use it will change as my knowledge increases and the blog will be updated accordingly but the blog currently has a little post about learning predominantly through input and a post on my particular approach which has been working for me.

Hope some of you might find this useful.

Thanks, I added the blog to my RSS subscriptions.

Look forward to hearing more. A picture of your book layout system would help too.

I was wondering whether putting a couple of pictures up might be a good idea to clarify the method. Will see if I can get that done before I head out to my step-sister’s birthday meal.

@keke_eo: As requested, I’ve uploaded a picture of how I lay the books out and added in a little bit of advice to prevent damaging your books. Hope this helps!

It’s often the simple things that are most helpful! Thanks for a great suggestion.

Corrected my omission of ‘a’ :slight_smile:

Thank you, and no problem! :slight_smile:

great method! Never even thought of it!

Cheers, mcattack! I’ve always liked parallel texts and have used them for French in the past but there seems to be pretty much nothing for Norwegian out there. I thought it had to be possible to find a way of reading two language editions of the one book without fighting to keep the two books open and be able to easily keep your place. It’s such a simple but effective solution, I’m surprised I’ve never seen anything written about it before, despite the various forum threads on HTLAL and elsewhere about parallel texts. I’m sure there must be others that do something similar though.

Thanks for the pic!