My Attitude Towards a Language

Attitude is very important in language learning. We need to cultivate a positive attitude and not the language be our enemy.

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You should be hired as a male Shelby for representing the positive attitude of male learners on LingQ.
Nice storytelling as always. Keep up the good work till the official job :wink:

Thank you. Who is Shelby? What do you mean by “Keep up the good work till the official job”? No offense. I am just curious.

She was a learner like one of us until she was given a job to work for LingQ.

I know her now! I saw her before on Steve’s youtube video. I knew she looked familiar.

Hi Kisungyoon, I’m learning English, I read your text about Attitude and I liked it. I would like to import into LingQ.
At LingQ I like to listen and read at the same time, so if you don’t mind, I would be glad if you could record the audio, too, and send to me in some way. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. Thanks for the text, I liked it a lot.

Thank you. I don’t have a way to record myself. You can import it to LingQ.

Your English is pretty good so far. I will learn Portuguese in 2023. Currently, I am working on Spanish. Next year, I will learn Italian. I just hope not to mix up Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese.